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Using Local Ingredients to Create Global Flavors
Welcome to SHIFU, your go-to spot for delicious Asian cuisine in the heart of Kamloops, BC! As a new family-owned business, we're eager to share our passion for tantalizing meals and delightful bubble tea with our community.
Fine Asian Cuisine
Dishes Inspired by China, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and much more.
Bubble Tea
A rich variety of fun flavours and styles to suit your preference.
And so much more!
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Our Menu Is Our Passion

Embark on a culinary journey as you explore our wide variety of noodle dishes, from the classic ramen and udon to the flavorful pho and much more. 

Our diverse menu caters to all taste buds and celebrates the rich culinary traditions of China, Japan, Vietnam, and other Asian countries. Our chefs take immense pride in using fresh, high-quality ingredients to create dishes that are both comforting and bursting with flavor.

But it's not just about the noodles! We're also proud to offer a delightful selection of bubble tea beverages to quench your thirst and add a touch of sweetness to your dining experience. With a colorful array of flavors, from classic combos to fruity concoctions, our bubble teas are the perfect complement to your meal.
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Classic Catering

Shifu is proud to provide Catering, bringing the irresistible flavors of authentic Asian cuisine to your special events and gatherings in Kamloops, BC! As an extension of our family-owned restaurant, we're delighted to offer our exceptional noodle dishes and bubble tea selections for any occasion.

Our diverse catering menu showcases an array of mouth-watering noodle dishes inspired by China, Japan, and Vietnam. Crafted with fresh, quality ingredients, our meals promise to impress your guests and elevate your event. To sweeten the experience, our tantalizing bubble tea options offer a refreshing accompaniment.

Choose Shifu Catering to provide unparalleled service and delectable Asian cuisine for your next event. Let us make your special moments even more memorable – we're excited to cater to you!
Office Lunches
Have your next work lunch that everyone will enjoy.
Get Togethers
SHIFU is a great place to get together.
School Lunches
Save the hassle and let SHIFU take care of it for you.
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Craving authentic Asian flavors? Visit SHIFU today – where mouth-watering noodles and refreshing bubble tea await. Treat your taste buds, and experience the true taste of Asia!

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